Monday, 1 April 2013

I am 34

A few weeks ago I spent a lovely day with my sister and friend scrapbooking (and chatting!) My sister had seen a lovely page design from a girl called Kimberly where she described herself in different ways. Below is her layout


We had a great time reading each others descriptions and this is what I came up with. 

These are my descriptions

  1. I am either tired, or hungry, or both
  2. I like to stand at the window and look – it is not nosey, it is called being observant
  3. I still don’t know what I want to be when I grow up
  4. I love meatballs
  5. I moved home 6 times in 5 years
  6. I love people watching
  7. At university I got a first in an assignment but it was reduced to a 2:1, I still tell everyone I got a first
  8. I get really cross with driving instructors who take learner drivers out on the main roads during rush hour traffic when they can’t get out of first gear
  9. I miss librarians stamping the return date in the front of library books
  10. I hate doors that say no entry or private
  11. I like to have company
  12. I enjoy learning and would like to achieve a masters degree
  13. I am becoming more stubborn and defiant
  14. I wish I could tell my younger self (and sometimes my present self) to not care what people think
  15. I love it when the children bring the school bear back to class as they get so excited. I also get to find out what they like to do at home
  16. I have a stupid sense of humour like my husband and I love it
  17. I can’t help but laugh when people fall over
  18. I am my own worst critic
  19. I find mumbling soooo annoying
  20. When I was younger I was a member of the Kylie Minogue and Jason Donovan fan club
  21. I hate finding new hairdressers and have only had 5
  22. Chocolate makes me happy
  23. I would love to own a property by the sea
  24. I love looking at photos and I don’t care whose they are
  25. My favourite author at the moment is Lee Child and Kathy Reichs
  26. I don’t like watching new films. I would rather watch one I know is good and makes me laugh
  27. I love music with a good drum beat
  28. I can get frustrated very easily
  29. I would love to have the perfect house, but neither myself or my husband are tidy enough
  30. I like watching sport, especially Formula 1
  31. At school I did a lot of fundraising for the Guide Dogs for the Blind association
  32. When I was little I had an imaginary friend called Peter
  33. I am unable to make a decision
  34. Lloydy says I am definitely blonde!

I must admit I am a little disappointed with a few of my decisions but I do like it. I especially love the fact that the 3 of us created the same layout, with different interpretations, around the same theme. Looking forward to the next scrapbook day girls :)

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